The Hunre Empire is an Empire spanning 15 Planets. It has a Warrior archtype and has been in several wars.

Home World: Hunren

Flag: Red with Blue Stripes

Symbol: Axe

Hunre (1)

A modern Hunre Empire Citizen


After The Hunre Revolt, it split into two empires. The New Hunre Republic and The New Hunre Crown. Both were in conflict with each other.

Leader ShipEdit

Emporer Jure Kuy[Killed]

Supreme Admiral Wure Muf

Hunre Emporer

Jure Kuy


150 Cities

150,000,000 Citizens


Commander: Supreme Admiral Wure Muf

Soldiers: 1,700,000 Soldiers

12,000 Space Craft

8,300 Sea Craft

2,150 Air Craft

9,600 Land Craft

Hunren Soldier

A Hunren soldier‎.

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