Sometimes working in conjunction with the IPF, the ISF fulfills the role of a paramilitary investigation, intelligence-gathering, and counterterrorism. Like its' usual partner, it is a federal agency.


Combat Observation (Glumkoppfel)Edit

One of the more well-known divisions of the ISF, members of Combat Observation are sent out on many different kinds of military operations to observe and record events for the ISF Central Databank on Feralga, as well as record potentially important tactical information. Combat Observers are always officers of the rank of Captain or above, with a handful of NCO division aides.


Undoubtedly the most secretive paramilitary units in the empire, the Intelligence division's members are dispatched to collect information on both allies and enemies alike. As the SIS gathers highly-sensitive military data as well as information on the inner workings of governments, the ISF agents working in enemy and allied empires collect less-secure information, but important information nontheless.


Members of the counterterrorism unit are ex-military personnel who both infiltrate known terrorist groups, and conduct raids on these groups whenever possible. ISF counterterrorism has prevented a single terrorist attack from occuring in Eteno space for over 600 years.

Domestic StabilityEdit

Odd in the fact that it does not employ field agents, the domestic stability unit monitors a wide array of organizations and media in the EIT. Agents work with the counterterrorism unit much of the time.

Criminal InvestigationEdit

Partially under the control of the IPF, criminal investigation units help solve difficult and high-profile cases, as well as investigate military cases. Sometimes, however, the unit will conduct internal investigations or even conduct investigations in other empires.

Special ProtectionEdit

Veteran ISF agents and Marines make up the Special Protection unit entirely. These personnel are tasked with protecting the lives and knowledge of those assigned ISF protection. People assigned protection can include important military officials, notable witnesses in high-profile court cases, or major Eteno corporate CEOs. Those automatically given protection are Sector, Area, and Quadrant leaders, their families, the families of the Supreme and Vice Commanders, foreign dignitaries, diplomats, major political party leaders, and Commanderial candidates. Omdak personnel collaborate frequently with the Special Protection unit.

Directorates and DepartmentsEdit

The ISF evenly divides the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate into a hundred Departments, and ten Directorates. In each Directorate are ten Departments. These divisions are allotted agents and resources based on population, political stability, and proximity to other nations. If a Department or Directorate finds itself with a problem it cannot solve alone, agents can be transferred from one area to the division in peril.

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