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The Impicat`r system, is a ternary star system with five planets. It is made up of a yellow Sol-like star (yellow dwarf), a red dwarf, and a brown dwarf.

Planets Edit

Interaminak Edit

Interaminak is a rocky inner planet of Solaris. It is about 3420 km in diameter, similar to that of Earth's moon. It has no moons.

Polarsph Edit

Polarsph is the cold outer rocky planet orbiting Solaris. It orbits the star every 542 days, and is about the size of Earth. It has 3 moons.

Syymer Edit

Syymer is the habitable planet orbiting She'erak, it is in tidal lock with the star. It has no moons.

Lilik Edit

Lilik is a large gas giant orbiting She'erak. It is slightly larger than Jupiter, and has a set of rings. Lilik has 35 moons.

Zamnforr Edit

Zamnforr is a hot Jupiter orbitng the brown dwarf, Lup 1682024555. It is 100000 km in diameter, slightly smaller than Jupiter, and orbits every 2 days, 4 hours, and 54 minutes.

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