Language DescriptionEdit

  • Phonological Constraints - "(C) + (C) + V + (C) + (C)"
  • VOS - Sentence Component Structure
  • Isolating Morphology
  • Highly Analytic Sentence Composition


See International Phonetic Alphabet for further details.


  Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Pha­ryn­geal Epiglottal Glottal
Plosive   c [c] k [k] q [q]   [ʡ] ' [ʔ]
Ejective   [c'] [k'] [q']      
Fricative s [s] ç [ç] x [x] [χ] h [ħ]    
Fricative-Ejective [s']   [x']        
Voicless Trill       [ʀ] [ᴙ]    
Click d [ǃ͡ʔ] g [ǂ͡ʔ]        


  Front Near-Front Back
Close i   u
Open   a  

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Mouth StructuresEdit

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