Ixluria is a Red Dwarf star in The Alren Cluster. It is the native solar system of The Ixlarien Collective, having seven planets, all being populated by the Ixlarien Collective, is indicative of the growth rate of the civilization.

Planet: Type: Terrascore: Moons: Inhabitants: Colonies:
Ixle Rocky Planet T2 None The Ixlarien Collective 43 (Ixnent)
Exon Rocky Planet T1 None The Ixlarien Collective 22 (Lexni)
Ico Rocky Planet T2,T1 Extonar The Ixlarien Collective 31 (Oclix,Nicterox)
Encti Rocky Planet T0 None The Ixlarien Collective 2 (Venxtir)
Veltrix Rocky Planet T0 None The Ixlarien Collective 5 (Omtico)
Oxnor Gas Giant None,T0,T0,T0 3 (Encliar,Aclen,Onclo) The Ixlarien Collective 11 (Icolar,Snix,Eznic,Incen,Exnia)
Naclir Gas Giant None None The Ixlarien Collective 1 (Igken)

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