Jure Kuy was born Bert Jure Buy on the Planet of Werno.

He lived a happy childhood, but his dad Kop Kirl Buy was killed in a working accident.

Adult LifeEdit

After his father's death, Bert pursed politics, and later became the Mayor of Huty on Werno. And after 10 years of loyal service became the Governer of the Planet, after the previous Governer's death.

Later Adult LifeEdit

After being Governer of the Planet Werno for 15 years, he wanted to become a Section Commander. But, Bert wasnt allowed, because he had a birth defect, of not having one finger, so he staged an "accident" where the Section Commander's ship ran into an asteroid. After that, Bert scared all other opponents into not competing and became the Section Commander. Now he was drawing attention to himself, so he changed his name to Jure Kuy.


Later in life, Bert, now Section Commander Kuy, gained favor in the older King's eyes and became his right hand, so, after the King's death it wasn't a susprise that Jure Kuy was now king as written in the dead king's will.

Life As KingEdit

King Jure Kuy was a very evil man, he imposed many taxes on his citizens, and was a unforgiving ruler, his rule lasted 20 years.


The King's cruel rule came to an end, when The Hunre Resistance killed him in his palace. He died 75 years old.

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