A Kadin colonist.

The Kadin are a race of ecologists from the planet Qualani. They are a very clean and well organized colony and have many allies.


The Kadin has evolved from a cell to a creature, a tribe, a civilization, and then to an advanced space age colony. They have colonized over 3 systems currently.

Notable KadinEdit

Captain Kobrickot- A trained space captain, that has done planetary missions with many other captains of many races. {No picture}

Greenkeeper Jazek- serves as a mission giver under the Kadin Council. He is a close friend of Kobrickot.

Greenkeeper Jazek

Greenkeeper Jazek

The Council: a group of wise Kadin hierarchies. They serve as the leaders of the kadin empire.

Kadin jobsEdit

the Kadin have a wide variety of jobs. They can include:

Floramancer: A kadin mage. The floramancers use nature to accomplish their tasks, which can include a veriety of things.

Kadin floramancer

A kadin floramancer.

Kadin Defender: a guard of the Kadin. The defenders mainly serve as police, and wildlife protection.

Kadin defender

A Kadin defender.

Other Kadin jobs include:

Wildife scientist




Iztell, a kadin musician.


chookey, a member of Iztell's band.



There are also Kadin that seek to entertain, Like the Kadin musician, Iztell.

There are also 2 other kadin in Iztell's band; Skops and Chookey.

Skops, the 3rd member of Iztell's band.

Culture, biology, and MilitaryEdit

The Kadin culture is a very peaceful one, and they almost never go to war, but when they do, they defend themselves. The Kadin love wildlife and all of life's wonders. The kadin are a very happy race, that seeks to discover and experiment. The Kadin are daring and bold, and like to have fun. Their diet consists of fruits. The Kadin have discovered many plant species, and they have discovered many animals as well. The Kadin have made a mark on the galaxy. The Kadin have a use for magic, but mainly use science. They educate their children when they are born on botany, ecology, and skills that will benefit them, like reading and writing. The Kadin live up to 400 earth years, and start to become "old" at about age 375. The Kadin have a simple biological system. The Kadin have male and female reproductive organs, that function like a human's. The Kadin are an advanced race, and only wish to discover and analyze.


Kadin Anthem

The Kadin Anthem.

The Kadin anthem-

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