The Klydell System

Klydell is found near the furthest part (from the Galactic Core) in The Roargana Cluster. Klydell has 4 Planets, 2 of which have life and 1 of which has a sapient species (The Roaragan Technocracy) There is also a Gas Giant (Gladell).

Planet: Type: Terrascore: Moons: Inhabitants: Colonies:
Koro Lava Planet T0 None None None
Gladell Gas Giant None, T0 (All Moons) 3 (Kaario, Girenda, Vologoe) The Roaragan Technocracy Glyden
Thury Water Planet T1 None The Roaragan Technocracy Wildlife Sanctuary
Roargan Homeworld T3, T0 Clyer The Roaragan Technocracy 10, 1 (Roartra,Clyen)

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