Calm Before the StormEdit

Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation ...
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination ...
Silently the senses abandon thier defences ...

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour ...
Grasp it, sense it - tremulous and tender ...
Turn your face away from the garish light of day,
turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light -
and listen to the music of the night ...

Etah could feel the music swirling around him, soothing him, calming him, trickling into his mind and soul. The crescendos, the diminuendos, the subeto fortes, the subeto pianos, the slurs and ties, the staccatos, the syncopation and the rythm. He had always enjoyed this human song; it's flowing notes stirred his soul like a river. He had just come back to the Bunker after helping to defend the Shrine of Yetu, and needed to unwind a little. When he finished listening to the song, he sttod up and walked out. There was Tholker, on his why to speak with Etah.

"Etah, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, Tholker."

"You're... really, really, old, right?"

"The day I joined GSSOC was my 5000th birthday. I'm the oldest living Karnasaur and have lived 5 times longer the average lifespan. So yes, I am very, very, old."

"Well, I wanted to ask... what's it like? To be immortal?"

"What do you think it feels like?"

"Amazing! To never have to worry about bullets or poison or anything! You took a direct headshot during Intervention! You're the perfect soldier!"

"I see. Take all that enthusiasim and invert it. Yes, I cannot go KIA, but at what cost? All that I know and love has withered and died before me. My whelphood friends died over four thousand years ago. My parents are dust. My home village has rotted away, even my homeworld has been largely abandoned to nature; it is but a small agricultural colony. I kept my egg fragments, but even they eventually decayed after a few hundred years. I have nothing to live for and yet I must continue living."

"Oh... I see."

"I hope that answered your question, Tholker."

"Yeah... I guess it did. You seem like you have a lot of stuuf bottled up in ya about your life, pal. Maybe you should, I dunno, write a book about it. Maybe write a song. Something to let it out, I guess."

"Hm... maybe. Listen, I'll see you later, yes?"

"Yeah, sure. See ya 'round, Etah."

As Tholker walked off, Etah pondered his short yellow friend's words. Perhaps it would do some good to express his life's story a bit...

Darkening of the SkiesEdit

Coming of the RainsEdit

Striking of the LightningEdit

Clashing of ThunderEdit

Crossing the ThresholdEdit

Eye of the StormEdit

Departing of LightEdit

Apex of the StormEdit

Arrival of the BlizzardEdit

Freezing of the LandEdit

Silence of the WastelandEdit

Return of the SunEdit

Completion of the LamentationsEdit

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