Ledfungi is a kingdom of some epic creatures. Ledfungi means ``Powerful Beast`` to many creatures in the Tribal stage.


Epic creatures were once in regular Creature stage after evolving from the Cell stage. Many Ledfungi creatures have Euigifa blood in them, and usally lose their Euigifa blood when growing.

Ledfungi planetsEdit

Not all epic creatures are related to Ledfungi. Sporepedia recorded that these planets DON`T have epic creatures related to Ledfungi:

  • Spain
  • Nova
  • Getrude
  • Nomad
  • Legar
  • Wegelet
  • And more planets


  • Ledfungi is related to Euigifa, but not to Gemaga
  • Euigifa was mostly seen in the Cell stage with Ledfungi but Ledfungi was mostly in the creature stage
  • 237 creatures fear the Ledfungi kingdom
  • Only 61 creatures fear Euigifa
  • There is a total of 8,000 Euigifa cells in each living creature planet but only 50 out of the 8,000 cells will ever see land
  • Ledfungi has a 18th kingdom, named ``Morguthy``
  • Ledfungi will be on every planet with living creatures at some time

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