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Because of the Dhragolon's massive kingdom that covers half of the Perseus Arm, it would be impractical to list them all. Various other species are working to document the list of colonies as the Dhragolon are unwilling to release the list all at once. The Dhragolon organize their colonies by sector and star cluster.

Harpli SectorEdit

"Harpli" means "home" in Yallvus Talk. It is the equivalent of the Epsilon-2 Sector.

Malick ClusterEdit

This cluster is named after the first king of the Dhragolon.


Main Article: Muelia

This the Dhragolon's home star system. "Muelia" means "day bringer".


Ucharpli- the Dhragolon homeworld consisting of jungles, forests, and plains

Amaselva- an icy world with dangerous storms that can short circuit warships

Pelietta- a world where mosses and lichens dominate the surface

Walknes- a gas giant known for its rich source of noble gases

Stratus CentauriEdit

This the Sarkakion's home star system. The Dhragolon live among the Sarkakion here.


Duchanva- the tropical Sarkakion homeworld



Jar SystemEdit

Jaran - A desert metropolis that serves as a trading hub to the Meruucka Sector.


Ner'Ackara - A grassland world

Krar T'charpli SectorEdit

This is the sector encompassing the Galactic Core and the area leading up to it. "Krar T'charpli" means "Center of Great Home".

Krar - A metropolis home to many immigrants.

Core ClusterEdit


This is the closest star to the center of the galaxy that can support life


Raycaon- a red forest planet with five moons: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon


Eteno SectorEdit

A sector largely consisting of Eteno territory. Before the Eteno were discovered, the sector was unnamed.

Yanya ClusterEdit


Main Article: Yanyarigan

A protostar surrounded in dust and debris.


Yanya- a rocky planet within a dust cloud

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