The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy found in the Local Group. It is diverse with a myriad of species and empires that span from only a few star systems to whole arms of the galaxy. Life is constantly evolving and the empires within continue to struggle.


The Milky Way, as seen in Spore, has five arms with countless star systems, some of which support life. At the center is an area known as the Galactic Core said to lead to a realm in between dimensions and other universes.


Omni TimelineEdit

In the far past, the galaxy was in control by a spacefaring race known as the Omni. They are credited to building the warp drive that many races use today. At the same time, another powerful empire was emerging known as the Grox. Eventually, the Grox gained enough power and wiped out the Omni who left only a few artifacts behind.

Later many races appeared who would go on to discover the remnants of the once powerful empire.

Technical InformationEdit

Age (Earth Years/Galactic Years) 13,200,000,000 (13.2 Billion) -/- 51.663
Length of Galactic Year (In Earth Years) 255,500,000 (255.5 Million)
Size (Diameter In Light Years) ~100,000
Size (Width in Light Years) ~1000
Number of Stars (Estimate) 200,000,000,000 (200 Billion)
Dominant Life-Form (Real World) Human (as far as we know)
Number of Intelligent Life-Forms Unknown, at least 1 known
Number of Colonized Planets Unknown, at least 1 known
Number of Life-Sustaining Celestial Bodies

Unknown, at least 1 known

Number of Life-Forms Native to the Galaxy Unknown, at least 1.9 Million

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