"This tool doubles the size of a colony at the cost of all the turrets."

The Mining Colony tool is an ability unique to races which follow the Miner philosophy. When the tool is activated it cashes in all built turret slots, moves the walls out further, and lays down the same amount of building 'hotspots' around the old colony. The player can then build double the usual amount of buildings, but no turrets may be constructed.

When used in conjunction with such tools as the Uber Turret and Spice Storage this allows players to greatly expand their colonies, since it doubles both the amount of buildings, the amount of storable spice, and the hourly spice revenue the colony would usually generate, and still be protected. It is used best on T3 purple spice worlds.

A planet composed solely of Mining Colonies will have a maximum amount of spice set at 30 units, unless Spice Storage is used bringing the total to 45 units.

Requirements Edit

To purchase the Mining Colony tool the player must be of the Miner archetype.

This tool is a special ability

Types of Colony
Mining ColonyResort ColonyArchive ColonyFortress ColonyPrison ColonySector CapitalGalactic Capital

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