Ner'Ackara is the capital of the Meruuckon Sector in the Dhragolon Federal Monarchy. The world chosen due to its favorable temperature for both Dhragolon and other species. Although the world is not warm enough to warrant a tropical resort, it is still renowned for its natural beauty and nature.


The world is strange in that it consists of solely grasslands and forests. This attributed to the fact that the continents do not touch either the poles or the equator. Thus, the entire world has a temperate climate save for a few islands.

There are four continents, two in each hemisphere. The northeastern continent hosts the planet's capital - Yall'Meruuckon. The buildings are not nearly as tall as Krar's for example, but they are created from metal domes built on the sides of hills.

The oceans are surprisingly shallow, and because of this, massive amounts of ore can be found at easy to reach depths.


Most of the planet is covered in trees and grasslands. The southeastern continent is notable for consisting of one giant plant similar to the aspen tree.

The planet is has very few dangers. The largest predator is the Bladeclaw, a large bear-like creature. The oceans are not as brightly decorated as most of it is open water. The lack of depth in the ocean is unfavorable to larger creatures so the largest sea-dwellling animal is only as big as dog.

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