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The Olympus Station is a massive, self-sufficient, and moving space station.



The Olympus Station carries hundreds of thousands of auto guns, torpedo tubes, missile launchers, and mass driver guns. It can also manufacture new weapons modules on itself (See manufacturing)

It carries thousands of soldiers and their vehivles and aircraft. It also boasts a large hangar bay in which up to 1,000 fighters and bombers can be stored.


Olympus Stations have long range radar suites and gigantic power cores. They boast hydroponic farms in the lower sections, and huge manufacturing and quartering facilities above it. On the sides are large docks in which automated drones can bring mineral-rich asteroid chunks or scrap metal from a destroyed ship. There are also four large shipyards on the exterior.


The Olympus Station can manufacture androids, ships, and even new modules for itself. Resource Drones mentioned above bring resources to a blast furnace in which the materials are sperated, melted down, and prepared for use in the onboard shipyards. It can even manufacture battleships. The ships it creates can be automated, crewed by soldiers, or crewed by androids produced onboard. Androids created on Olympus' are sentient. If given enough time, an Olympus could add so many modules to itself that it would be the size of a planet. If given a few thousand years, it would add so much that it would consume the galaxy, the sentient robot commanding the vessel and the descendants of the onboard crew creating more and more construction and resource modules. Of course, this would most likely never happen, but the situation actually being possible is a testament to it's destructive power and fantastic engineering.

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