Blue Giant
Omega was a blue supergiant star near the Galactic Core. It had a planetary system called the Omega System that included eleven planets: Coruscant, Titus, Acherom, Alpherus, Daitus, Koronus, Cereius, Octavius, Titanica, Nautica, and Calphus. This star was notable beacuse it in orbit of it was the Imperial capitol and home world of Coruscant. Also, this star is kept young and burning because of a secret Imperial technology that kept a star's hydrogen and helium atoms from colliding into carbon and iron atoms, keeping the star alive indefinetely. This technological wonder also supplies the star with a near endless amount of fuel. Omega is also in an odd posistion in galaxy for its type. Young blue stars are normally found in the star-making spiral arms of the Galaxy, while older yellow stars are found closer to the Core. This is an anomaly that has mystefied researchers for many years.

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