Operation Steadfast is a bi-annual combined-arms operation started by the Eteno in 1,009 ATGW to foster better relations between the militaries of the KMF, EIT, and DFM. Currently, the EIT and five dominions have been confirmed as participants for the first operation, along with the DFM.


The Beusch system is a binary blue star system consiting of stars Beusch A and Beusch B, and five planets.

  • Gep - A world overriden with thick jungle growth. No major resource deposits have been found, and thus, the population of the planet is relatively small. It has one moon, Ster, with substantial titanium reserves, which have been claimed by Krunoslav Mining and Minerals.
  • Sirov - An ice world with oceans completely filled with edible algae. A small population of around two million subsists mainly on a diet of these creatures, as well as lizard and bird meat.
  • Pusche - A very Earth-like planet, Pusche is blessed with a plethora of resources and habitable land, as well as a dense, iron-filled core. A mining field consisting of eight core-deep drills extract the planet's valuable core material. Despite its attractiveness to settlers, Pusche lacks a large population, due mostly to the growing trends of Northward Eteno colonial migration.
  • Voi - Barren, rocky planet covered in iron oxide dust. Voi lacks any atmosphere to speak of, and has a population of zero.
  • Chicago - First colonized by human EIT explorer Garrett Walsh, the world of Chicago is one awash in sand, save for temperate poles. At these poles, a small manufacturing industry has sprung up, producing small arms for various militaries and mercenary organizations.

Operation Steadfast 1,009 1/2Edit

While other training missions have been planned, the main event of Steadfast 1,009 1/2 will be the invasion of Bumpleville, a fictional empire consisting of Chicago, Sirov, and Pusche. The KMF will be responsible for providing all naval forces for the invasion, while the DFM and EIT provide ground forces. The DFM will provide the primary ground force charged with attacking and seizing key Bumpleville locations, while the EIT will provide amphibious forces, maritime naval units, artillery, and air support. The KMF is expected to offer naval commando units for the operation.

It is not currently known if any important KMF or DFM figures will be in attendance, but it has been confirmed that multiple high-ranking Imperial Armed Forces command officials will be observing from the battleship ENS Yaerger.

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