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The Planet Jestico was first colonized as a military colony in the first age of the Great Horned Dragon Empire. It was established under the rule of Grand Admiral Tyra Jestico, and was named in her honor after her death. The planet is completely Terra-formed, and was home to 3 massive cities. The cities are Kahhn City, New Arckasium, and Jestico City. The planet is the third largest non-gas giant discovered in the galaxy, and posses 32 continental plates, 11 Oceans, 17 land continents, and two small moons called Ramus and Orin.

Most of the planet is uncolonized, and left as it was found. There were two attacks by the Grox which led to the complete destruction of all colonization. The only city rebuilt in the same location was Arckasium, which then became New Arckasium. Jestico City was not named until the Grox were completely destroyed in the fifth age, and was dedicated to Grand Admiral Jason Jestico, the long term descendant of Tyra Jestico.

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