The PBGPAF is a massive facility located on the planet of Grjdonsk, an addition to Prezino Brahstav Gruscher University. The huge, expensive structure was funded by some of Rothling Heavy Industries' savings and technical experts were provided by the Galactic Senate, the Dhragolon Federal Monarchy, the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate, and Kolmpf Estra Technology Incorporated. Although it is located deep in the heart of Eteno territory, many nations from across the galaxy conduct experiments here when it is not in use by university students. It is the largest and most advanced particle accelerator in the galaxy. It stretches almost fifty miles in circumference, and can recreate the conditions found almost a nanosecond after the Big Bang. This site is also one of the many sources of artificial Deuterium in the known universe. The current overseer of the accelerator is Professor Gruscht Asven. The accelerator and its crew have tried to market the artificial Deuterium to the Eteno and Dhragolon empires as weaponizable beyond its current uses in lasers and atomic bombs. However, none of the three parties have found any cost-effective military usages of the Deuterium that don't invlove the destruction of the galaxy. Despite its expense, a Maximon-Chargrino-Fermion weapon prototype was developed over the course of seven months. While PBGU hasn't released any specific details on the weapon, Professor Asven has released a statement.

"This weapon is unlike any ever seen. With it, the destruction of nearly anything is possible."

- Asven at the 1,006 ATGW Galactic Conference for the Exotic Weapon.

Although almost nothing is known about the weapon, the galactic community can safely assume that this is groundbreaking technology that will set the Eteno incomprehensibly ahead of its rivals.

Currently, the facility is working to simulate conditions a mere picosecond after the Big Bang, where the researchers at the facility wish to unify the four fundamental fources.

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