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Prison 546.6-7

Code name: Daret

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This prison is located on planet Tey. It holds many of the galaxy's hardened criminals. It is a 150 acre facuilty.

Max Prisoners: 3000

Warden: Ret. Commander Kope Que

Guards: 500

Jail Breaks: 1


Through out its long history Prison Daret has been known for holding many of the galaxy's deadliy criminals. Only once, has a jail break happened here. It occured because the guard on duty had left a door unlocked so 20 prisoners made a run for it. All, but three prisoners were recaptured. Ever since it has raised security levels, and has increased guard numbers from 200 to 500.

Known Wardens

Ret. Commander Kope Que: Current

Ret. Captain Lowen Joq: 69048-69070

Ret. Admiral Bij Ker: Founder.

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