"This device designates a colony as a detention centre for the galaxy's deadliest criminals."

The Prison Colony tool allows the player to turn a colony into a prison. The colony will lose all its buidlings, converted into 5,000 hitpoint Prison Blocks, along with half of its turrets. However its spice production rate will increase sixfold.

The colony has the effect of decreasing happiness in other colonies in the star system and all others within three parsecs, but increase loyalty in star systems from three parsecs to ten parsecs away. The colony will receive slightly more pirate raids than usual, too, and any alien fleets that arrive on the planet will attempt to destroy the Prison Colony. If they succeed the player will be required to recapture or destroy the planet's colonies.

It is advised the player converts all colonies on a planet to Prison Colonies and equips the planet with an Uber Turret to stave off enemy attacks.

Requirements Edit

To purchase the Prison Colony tool the player must have gained the Colonist 4 or Warmonger 3 badges.

This tool requires purchased ammunition

Locations Edit

Your Empire: §800,000

Warrior Empire: §380,000

Zealot Empire: §420,000

Scientist Empire: §400,000

Types of Colony
Mining ColonyResort ColonyArchive ColonyFortress ColonyPrison ColonySector CapitalGalactic Capital

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