Procedure A-55 is a Saegon Level-3 Emergency Status procedure. It is when a star systems highest military officer (Or the High Senator) contacts the Empire's most elite fighter, Omnipotent Nick.

This procedure may also be activated by a planets senator or representative in cases lacking a senator.

While these selected officers have full authority to contact him at any time, it is rarely used for anything other than a bio-emergency, declaration of war, planetary riot, pirate raid, or other hostile actions.

The Trion-3 Incident Edit

In SSA 16, the planet Trion-3 of the Trion System initiated Procedure A-55, contacting the Supreme Imperial Commander, Omnipotent Nick. As he arrived, it was realized the system had, in fact, switched sides to become the capital of the First Saegon Rebellion. The procedure had been activated to lure the Commander into a death trap where thousands of vessels lied in wait to destroy him.

However, they underestimated the Commanders skills in combat, as well as the technology only he had disposal of. By lowering the power of a Class-X weapon, the IPDB (Imperial Planetary Destruction Bomb), and detonating it mid-flight, the fleet of 3,038 ships was destroyed in thirty-six seconds. The planet was then targeted by the Saegon First Fleet and invaded with brutal efficiency. The rebellion's leader was captured and executed on galaxy-wide transmissions, for anyone able to pick them up to view.

This incident caused the first rebel war the Empire fought.