Rarsan (formerly Rustiagon Rarsan) is Rustiagon Karrel's older brother. Originally, he was going to become the next king, but was denied since his answers on the Royal Exam did not reflect his true views. This sent him into a blind rage where he violated many
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Rarsan in exile

Commandments. Thus, his appearance was corrupted resulting in him have black scales and red eyes. Rarsan is also among the few Dhragolon with developed wings and can actually fly. Because of his crimes, he was exiled to a planet far from any civilization. However, he has recently made a reappearance on the Eteno homeworld of Malisk II.


Rarsan believes that all of Kray's creations are evil; the Dhragolon are merely tools for destroying everything else. He wanted to punish Karrel for being a poor leader by destroying an entire species right in front of him, proving his failure as a king. At the same time, he made a deal with the Grox so that they would not attack the Eteno homeworld and intervene with his schemes. His original intentions were to have the Grox retrieve the Galaxy Buster for him so that he could destroy the galaxy to cleanse of evil. However, Karrel made the mistake of killing him, thus the Grox now have the Galaxy Buster in their hands and threaten to use it for evil intentions.

Fifty years later, he re-appeared on Ucharpli with the intent to harness the power of the bodies of Rustiagon kings passed. However, he changed his plans and worked with the Kklxin to release Uszaroth into our dimension. When Uszaroth was released with Rarsan and Karrel spectating, Rarsan's spirit finally purified. Details are vague about his current whereabouts and activities. However, it is known that he is disliked by many Eteno.

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