Raycaon is a planet in the Cledrosia System. It is unique in that it is the closest planet to the Galactic Core that can support carbon-based life, and it is also a major outpost for the Dhragolon. Although Raycaon only has one sun, the brightness of the nearby stars combined with the Galactic Core makes it so bright that the planet's "night" is as bright as twilight. Despite being a T3 world, normal carbon-based life forms cannot survive here due to the drastically different conditions.


Raycaon mostly consists of high mesas that are randomly scattered throughout. There are no oceans visible, but there are massive underwater caverns deep underground. Raycaon is also covered with one giant plant called the Raycaon Titan. It is colored red because it may accidentally absorb radiation from the Galactic Core; it derives its nutrients from the ground. The most visible parts of it are what looks like red trees and grass. It is unknown how long the Raycaon Titan lives, but many speculate that it has been around since the first plants appeared millions of years ago.


Although most animals live underground because of the radiation of the Galactic Core, some have adapted to living on the surface. These creatures drink moisture in the air emitted by the Raycaon Titan and also have metallic exoskeletons that serve as a shield from the radiation. Because these creatures are often hostile, the Dhragolon have settled at the top of cliffs with a protective shield from the radiation. The underground oceans are also filled with a variety of fish though very little of these oceans have been explored.


The planet also has five small moons. In order from largest to smallest, they are called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Alpha is the only moon that can support life; it is covered in lichens and mosses with underground oceans though no animals with the exception of microbes are known to inhabit it.

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