"A device that turns a colony into a mecca for entertainment."

The Resort Colony tool allows the user to designate a certain colony into a 'Resort'. This will immediately convert all the factories in the colony to entertainment buildings and halve the number of turret slots available.

If one colony is turned into a resort on a planet then all of the remaining cities on the planet will automatically gain five green faces and maximum happiness levels, irregardless of the number of factories or entertainment buildings already existing.

If all the colonies on a T3 planet are converted to resorts, then all planets belonging to your empire or an ally's within five parsecs will gain maximum happiness on all their colonies. It will also set any unhappy colonies in ten parsecs to one happy-face.

Requirements Edit

To purchase the Resort Colony tool the player must have gained the Colonist 3 badge.

This tool requires purchased ammunition

Locations Edit

Your Empire: §600,000

Ecologist Empire: §380,000

Bard Empire: §280,000

Diplomat Empire: §320,000

Types of Colony
Mining ColonyResort ColonyArchive ColonyFortress ColonyPrison ColonySector CapitalGalactic Capital

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