Anno 2070

The Resource War in 1138 BKH

The Resource War, also known as the War of Resources, Global War or First War over Diana, was a major conflict lasting from 1194 BKH to 1135 BKH, and involved most of Diana's nations - divided into the Capitol League and the Tycoon Federation.

The war had been brewing since the 13th century BKH, although the ultimate trigger was the total depletion oflithium on the surface of Diana. The casualties ranged from 5 to 6 billion, most from the Capitol League.

Despite its enormous cost of lives and resources - ever so ironic - the War stopped the then-worrying global warming of Diana.


The war confronted two contrasting coalitions, the Capitol League and the Tycoon Federation; the former supported "green" technology and harmony with nature, while the latter was more centered on efficiency and consumism.


Gark'Ana, leader of the Capitol League in the late 12th Century BKH

Yet another city from anno 2070

Dinamo, a major member of Tycoon Federation

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