There are currently 9 distinct Geological Periods on Roargan.

Geological PeriodsEdit

Priusquamaevum (Before Life)Edit

This period was from the formation of Roargan to the start of life.

Primorismigrusaevum (Start of Small Life)Edit

Flora: Algae
Fauna: Ror

The Primorismigrusaevum Period begins with a Comet Strike onto a currently barren planet thereby populating it with a simple cell which eventually evolved into the Ror.


Primomagnusaevum (Start of Life)Edit

Flora: Grass
Fauna: Rorg

The Primomagnusaevum Period began with the evolution of the Rorg out of the Microscopic world and into the Macroscopic one.


Primitusaevumaedificium (First Life Order)Edit

Flora: Regkib Grass
Fauna: Rurg Rorgen Rorug
Roarg Rorcard Roari

The Primitusaevumaedificium is where life began to diversify and the first food chains appeared.



Seorsumaevum (Seperate Life)Edit

Flora: Rengkob Regkib Grass
Fauna: Rurgur Rurgig Roruga
Roarg Roareer Glorug
Rorgen Kricard Ruga

The Seorsumaevum Period began with the diversification of certain species thereby causing an almost exponential growth of species.


Maiorseorsumaevum (Greater Seperate Life)Edit

Flora: Regkib Rengkob Rengakab

The Maiorseorsumaevum Period is when life began to diversify further.



Priusquamsapiensaevum (Before Wise Life)Edit

Flora: Rengakab Rengkob Regkib
Marakab Maroekob Markib

The Priusquamsapiensaevum Period is when the most basic tribes first appeared and the Roarga gained very primitive sapience.


Sapiensaevum (Wise Life)Edit

Flora: Silviankab Silvakob Silvkib
Marakab Maroekob Markib
Rengakab Rengkob Regkib

The Sapiensaevum Period began when tribes of different species suddenly began popping up all over the planet.



Gnarussapiensaevum (Skillful Wise Life)Edit

Flora: Silviankab Silvakob Silvkib
Maroekab Marakob Markib
Rengakab Rengkob Regkib
Fauna: Rurgagge Ruga Kerdi
Rogatra Coneero Bematail
Galgen Shagrana Roagid

The Gnarussapiensaevum Period is the current Period and started when the first Spacecraft was launched.


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