"The king is your guide. Kray is your leader." -Rustiagon Dralla

Rustiagon Dralla was the first king of the Rustiagon family. His rise to power marked a major turning point in Dhragolon culture where the oppressive ways of the Altus dynasty came to an end and a rise of enlightenment and freedom began.


Dralla was born into the peacekeeper caste, and was made into a soldier. He enjoyed fighting for his country, and eventually became a Tier 3 soldier but began to dislike Altus Banya when Dralla was told he had to kill an innocent civilian. If Dralla were to refuse, rather than killing him, Banya had threatened to dishonor his name, a fate worse than death. After Dralla submitted to Banya's request, he faked his own death ten days later in an attempt to escape the horrors of his job.

Role in the Yallvus RevolutionEdit

After Dralla was thrown into the ocean, he reemerged in the port town of Rotundum where he rallied an army called Kray's Retaliation to fight against Altus Banya. After fighting many battles for years, he eventually killed Altus Banya in a duel bringing the fighting to an end. Eventually, he was crowned king.

Role as a kingEdit

Later on, Rustiagon Dralla boarded the first Dragon Cruiser and used it to explore the local star system in search of the truth. When he traveled to the planet Pelietta, he discovered the remains of an Omni time capsule, which contained a warp drive and some missiles. After bringing the time capsule back to Ucharpli, scientists began to reverse engineer the technology and thirty years later, they fitted the Dragon Cruiser with the new technology. Dralla would become the first being to leave the Muelia System.

Beginnings of GenocideEdit

Dralla had visited a nearby star system and met several hostile alien races. These war mongering aliens immediately opened fire driving Dralla back to Ucharpli.

At this point, Dralla realized that evilness was not only confined to Ucharpli. It was all across the universe. Therefore, a new religion was created which was a variant of Renyanism: Neo-Renyanism. They realized that it was the will of Kray to destroy all evil so many years were spent upgrading Dralla's ship. His son Gelda would begin a series of mass genocides with the intent of destroying any hostile race that violated their commandments. It was not until Gelda's grandson ruled when the first hostile race was completely wiped out.

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