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Saegon Galactic Federal Republic (Saegon Empire)
Saegon Flag
Flag of the Saegon Galactic Federal Republic
Motto A Single Force, A Single Goal
Anthem For Tror
Language Saegonian
Capital Tror, Pimin
Religion 98% Church of Spode, 1% Old Tror Animism, 1% Other
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy
Government Type Federal Constitutional Republic
Executive High Senators Federn Pollik & Tryhek Dal
Legislature Saegon Galactic Senate
The Saegon Empire, officially the Saegon Galactic Federal Republic, is one of the galaxy's most well known military superpowers, controlling many star systems. With their massive Army & Navy, the Saegon crush all those that either oppose them or are considered too weak to deserve life in the harsh galaxy.

Its capital is Tror In the Pimin System.

The current leaders of the Empire are dual High Senators Federn Pollik & Tryhek Dal

People Edit

The citizens of the Empire are the Saegon, a bluish green species of sentients. The Saegon are a militaristic people, almost always using their power as a threat and means of expansion. Most spend the entirety of their lives in the Armed Forces, which is around 190 years.

Government Edit

Despite the fact they call themselves an Empire, the Saegon actually run a Federal Republic, using a distinct democratic system so all systems are covered.

Power Senators Representatives Population
Tror (Imperial Capital) 15 50 Undefined, Estimated Around 1.2 Trillion
Kalci (Tror's Moon) 10 10 63.8 Billion
Outpost N/A 1 10,000 at most
Spice Colony 1 1 No average, too much variation
Official Member 2 5 100-300 Million
Military Planet N/A 1 800,000 (Standard Personal Requirement)

Representatives report to their senators to discuss problems facing their city and/or planet to bring up in the Saegon Galactic Senate. A representative serves for eight years and can be re-elected up to fourteen times.

Senators serve their planets request and needs, bringing them up in the Senate. They serve ten years and can be re-elected until their demise.

Outpost are often worlds with a single biosphere, as most are placed on terrascore 0 worlds, with underground complexes. They act as either an early warning system, detecting a hostile force or unment force before they reach populated systems, or as research stations studying the world they're on, or other local planets. Since they often contain no more than a few thousand scientist and soldiers, these worlds only have one representative, whose job is rather to just ensure supplies and funding instead of the betterment of the inhabitants.

On spice colonies, these representatives have more control planet-wise and act more as what many would consider governors than representatives. When these colonies graduate to Official Member status at the construction of a third city, the representative traditionally becomes the new 2nd senator, although the people do take a vote.

On Military System Planets, representatives are, in reality, the commanding officer on-base and have the power to request goods, resources, and even activate Procedure A-55.

The leader of the Empire is the High Senator, who has all the power of a representative, normal senator, and etc. In legal matters, he/she has veto power and is worth 3 votes rather than the normal 1 per senator. In military matters, they act as commander-in-chief and have unopposed power when commanding military actions, or drafting additional soldiers. They also have the liberty of declaring war or making peace. This required a 2/3 vote from the Senate for many years, until High Senator Javi Lars removed that requirement, allowing himself and his successors to easily attack and defend. This received little opposition. In terms of military rank, they are the only one above the Supreme Imperial Commander and Supreme Imperial Officer, who both serve for life and are picked by their predecessor. The High Senator serves 5 years, and can be re-elected until death. Historically, many have chosen to resign well before then.

High Senators In Saegon History
High Senator('s) Took Office Left Office Most Notable Act
Milraes Jolps SSA 1 SSA 17 First leader of the Saegon Empire
Gorbal Fastcloak SSA 17 SSA 27 Founded the Special Operations Division
Kathal Phenix SSA 27 SSA 32 Founded the Saegon Animal Sanctuary program
Zal Jones SSA 32 SSA 33 First and only to resign during term due to sickness
Casdy Saeva SSA 33 SSA 48 First Female High Senator
Alvero Ken SSA 48 SSA 88 Most beloved leader in the Empire's history
Hetrek Lars SSA 88 SSA 113 Started the Lars political family
Javi Lars SSA 113 SSA 148 Led Operation: Eastern Expansion
Federn Pollik SSA 148 SSA - First dual High Senator
Tryhek Dal SSA 148 SSA - First dual High Senator

Military Edit

The Saegon Armed Forces consist of many divisions, all meant to serve the Empire.

Commander-In-Chief: High Senators Federn & Tryhek (Not Officially a rank, thus not seen as highest unlike the SIC)

Supreme Imperial Commander (SIC): Omnipotent Nick Saegon

Supreme Imperial Officer (SIO)(2nd In Command): Barbara Frost

The Saegon Army: Given the duty of defending the land of Saegon planets, and tasked with invading foreign land. This branch also manages Military Planet personal. This is the largest military division of the Empire.

The Saegon Galactic Navy: The Saegon Navy manages the Empire's fleets, which consist of thousands of warships, starships, and other vessels capable of interstellar travel or combat. Civilian starships must register every four years with the Navy.

The Saegon Air Force: This branch consists of the fighter jets that defend the skies of Imperial Planets. It also manages transportation aircraft and spacecraft entering/leaving the system.

The Saegon Department of Water Defense & Spice Collection: As it says in the name, this branch defends a planet's water and aids in collecting spice at peacetime. They see the least action of any branch.

The Saegon Special Operations Division: This branch is made up of the finest in the Empire, let it be soldier or ship. These troops carry out the harshest task the Empire has to give. Due to the tough requirements, it is the smallest branch.

The Armed Forces also manage the Saegon Weapon Class System.

Saegon Military Controlled Planets Edit

The Saegon Empire controls many star systems, consisting of cities sprawling with Saegons civilians and military personnel. However, these planets need protection. To solve this, the Saegon find rugged, distant planets for hidden military bases that surround an entire planet, thus the Saegon Military Planet is born.

Armed with unique Saegon Military buildings, high-tech command centers, and top-of-the-line defenses, these planets are able to provide protection to the Empire and its allies 24/7.

Wars & Major Allies/Enemies Edit

The Saegon see the galaxy as a harsh, brutal place where only the strongest survive. As such, weaker or smaller empires are often considered inevitable obstacles in their goal of expansion. However, some factions have been able to show their worth. Others are allies due to long relationships that aided the Saegon early on when they first discovered space travel. These Empires & Republics are part of the G.P.S.P (Galactic Promise of Saegon Protection) which has the Saegon swear to protect and never show hostility towards members.

Major Allies (Doesn't Include Minor Allies) Old Friends Member Of G.P.S.P
Popper Empire Yes (First Ally) Yes
Poppero Empire Yes Yes
The Turtok Armed Correlation No No
Ashonas Trade Confederacy Yes Yes
Sir Beakenstein Republic Of Liberty No No
The United Troggle Empire Yes No
The Mosel Alliance Of Systems No No

As a warmongering race, the Saegon have made a lot of enemies in their reign as a galactic power.

These are enemies from before and by the end of Operation: Eastern Expansion.

Major Enemies Old Foes (Before O:EE) Defeated Enemy Due To O:EE
Grox Empire Yes No No
Saegon Rebels Undefined Yes (Remains Possible) No
The Oligarchy Of Fernikki Yes Yes No
Civers Militant Republic No Yes Yes
Buh Empire No Yes (Saegon-Buh Wars) Yes
Buh Remmnants No Yes (Saegon-Buh Wars) Yes
Bingfish Empire Yes No (Very Distant, At Ceasefire) No
Kirgle Republic No Yes Yes
Wub Empire Of Spode Followers No Yes Yes
Dubel Empire Yes Yes (The Imperial Wars) No
Sir Stabbalot Oligarchy No No (War For Spike MOMO, I War Of Vengeance) Yes
United Tribune No No (Tribune Wars) No
Kingdom Of Kulpez No Yes (Saegon-Kulpez War) Yes

The Saegon have also been in a number of conflicts after the O:EE

War Combatants (Does Not Include Saegon In #'s) Cause Ended
DivaBette Uprising 1: New DivaBette Republic Fall of allied DivaBette Republic Yes
II Dubel War 1: II Dubel Empire Dubel old enemies Yes
Tribune Wars 8: United Tribune Fall of the Ajhojalpol Republic No
The Nenos War 1: Nenos Technocracy Attacked Yes

Time Units Edit

PSH- Pre Saegon History (Before Homeworld Age)

HA- Homeworld Age (Between PSH & SSA)

SSA- Saegon Space Age (Anytime after the launch of Alpha-Omega (First Saegon Space Vessel))

Basic Time: Seconds-Minutes-Hours-Days-Weeks-Months-Years

Advanced Units: Decades (10 Years), Caes (100 Years), Jaes (1,000 Years), Paes (1,000,000 Years)

Trivia Edit

  • Saegon is pronounced (Say-gon), some mispronounce it as (Sigh-gon).
  • They're based on the Irken Empire from Invader Zim.
  • The majority of their empire is located in what they call the "Home Sector".
  • Like most other powers, the Saegon have their own classifications for planets and systems.
  • They do have a peaceful side and joined a Hayton Republic-led council that attempted to united 86 other factions. However, the Grox invaded the Haytons capital, reducing the Senate Tower to ash. While the Saegon were able to evacuate their senator, along with that of 12 other allies, the rest were scattered, many killed. The Hayton collapsed as a republic and pirates soon raided their worlds, ending the young council.
  • While not as powerful as the Grox, they are known galaxy-wide for their mighty military.
  • The Empire does have prison worlds, but for security reasons they are classified, locations only known to high ranking officers and those that staff them.
  • The Saegon do not follow an official religion, but a vast majority do agree Spode is the creator of the universe.
  • They have a strong hatred for Zealots.
    • This is shown by how they almost always declare war upon any they find.
  • The Saegons first and most well-known chief of the PSH era, a leader named "Scar", is highly respected even today, being seen as the founder of the Saegons love of military action.
    • He has had a section of the galaxy named after him, "Scars Heart".
  • High Senator Alvero, who died in office of cardiac arrest, is considered the most respected leader of the Saegon. He helped reconstruct the Constitution of Tror, as well as the military doctrine of the Saegon Armed Forces.
  • The Saegon Galactic Federal Republic was founded by High Senator Milraes Jolps, the first to ever hold the position.
    • This makes him the first leader of the Saegon Empire.
  • While Saegon live around 190 years, Life Extending Technologies can almost pause aging and prevent death to natural causes, though most choose not to do so for ethical reasons.
  • The Saegon Empire was once the United Saegon Republic when they were planet-bound and the War for Tror was going on during the Homeworld Age.