The Sarkakion are from planet Duchanva in the Stratus Centauri system. They are a race of space faring insects governed by a Queen. Although an individual Sarkakion has a life span of only 3 days, the queen can live up to 2,000 years. The Queen has control of every Sarkakion it gives birth to, thus making the species hive-minded. This also makes the Queen the only sentient Sarkakion. Also, each Sarkakion at birth contains eggs and lays about fifteen throughout its short life span thus making the species reproduce quickly. The species is mono-genered, and the eggs are created via parthenogenesis.

There about 100 queens scattered across Duchanva but that number is slowly rising due to the race colonizing planets.


A Sarkakion has two arms and four legs and only stands about one foot high. They have an exoskeleton that repels most physical attacks but can easily be penetrated with lasers. The queens however can grow up to 50 feet. Sarkakion also have mandibles like most insects and feed on both leaves and other life forms scattered throughout. In order to communicate, the queen sends telepathic messages to the target and uses the individual Sarkakion as avatars.


Because of the Sarkakion's hive-minded nature, their culture is only known amongst the queens. They believe in a godess called the Omniqueen who created all other queens to live on the planet. They entrusted them to watch over their children, which are the hive-minded individuals. Throughout their time, the Sarkakion have often engaged in wars due to overpopulation, but due to the knowledge retained by the queen, they eventually united into one peaceful society. Despite, the Sarkakion are still wary about potential attacks.


The Sarkakion often used primitive stone tools, but were immensely uplifted after the discovery of an Omni time capsule on their own planet. The capsule was a spaceship with a warp drive and ionic missiles. Essentially, the species skipped what is considered the Civilization Stage by attempting to understand the newly discovered technology. The Sarkakion eventually modified the same ship itself and used it to explore the galaxy and interact with other races; because they used the same ship, some races mistook them for long-lost Omni. However, due to their primitive understanding, it took many centuries to be able to understand the contents of the time capsule. They have also been able to construct fleets at an astonishing rate, much faster than other races. They are also credited with constructing the Uber Turret.

Reactions of other racesEdit

It is possible that the Sarkakion are among the Chosen races destined to be pure along with the Khazakion, according to Dhragolon beliefs. In fact, the Sarkakion have integrated into Dhragolon society and have completely united their own colonies with that of the Dhragolon's. Because of their fast reproduction rate, the Sarkakion often provided assistance to the Dhragolon during their genocides of tainted species.

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