Science Team Alpha was team of scientists sent to collect Grox specimens. They went missing only 2 days into the trip, here is their last transmission.

// This is Science Team Alpha reporting in over//

//Copy that, this HQ over//

//We have detected an unknown object over//

//Please report your location over//

//Gamma Star 84.6... ERROR//

//Science Team Alpha come in over//



Divison Commander: Crap, Comms Officer what happened?

Comms Officer: Sir, we are getting ERROR 5767.526-7903

Divison Commander: English Son

Comms Officer: Their connecetion has been severed.

Divison Commander: Crap, signal the search and rescuse teams!

Comms Officer: Yes sir!

Many search efforts have been lost, but none have found the missing team, here are their names and positons within the team.

Lead Scientist: Doctor Gure Nuj

Research Lead: Lore Nan

Other Scientists: Euh Nue, Kirl Gue, and Kurew Jil

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