The Second Galactic War was a conflict between the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation and the Hunre Empire. It began when the Hunres discovered Karnasaur Elite Assassins were being used to sabotage programs meant to advance military and transportational technologies, such as anti-matter (unused at the time) and inter-galactic flight. At an event referred to as the Hunre Incident, Elite Assassins were discovered on the Hunre home world planting a nuclear device intended to destroy a faility housing the first Hunre IG-D. Although the IG-D was destroyed, the Hunres declared war on the Karnasaurs and made large advances into KMF territory. The war's turning point was the Battle for Karnas, when the Total Recall Order was issued, sending all extra-galactic Karnasaur ships to convene on Karnas during the battle. After the battle, a massive counter-offensive was started by the KMF, pushing Hunre fleets back, at times at a rate of a system a day. When they reached Hunre, the Hunre Republic surrendered with two conditions: The assimilation of Hunre, the last planet under Republic control, into the KMF, and the continued existence of the Hunre race. The Karnasaurs agreed to both, but gave Hunre citizens fewer rights than Karnasaurs. The war had ended, but the outcome was highly criticized by the Heglarean Empire, a neutral but highly advanced power. They demanded that the Karnasaurs give the Hunres equal rights or give them independence, but the KMF refused to do so. A few years later, the Heglareans suddenly disappeared from the galaxy. The has been a topic of fierce debate throught centuries, and the Heglarean Genocide Theory is a conspiracy theory that has been propagating for just as long, suggesting that the disappearance of the Heglareans was engineered by the KMF.


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