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//Accessing data reports....





Stardate: 39050

Location: Near Sector 23 border

As we patrol the border of sector 23 I wonder what was in there. There had been many rumors of what was going on in there. zombies, robots the like. But I was not paid to think about why, I was paid to protect. The citizens, that is. Regardless I had my theories, many of which I dismissed as unreasonable, but... I always knew something was normal about sector 23. Till later....

Stardate: 39051

Location: Sector 1

Back at High Command was very reliving for me, we were able to get new supplies and get briefed, but more importantly.. sleep. we had very long shifts on duty on patrol and with the constant movement of others, it was hard to get little or any sleep. But now I was in a comfortable bed, having no worries.. for now

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