"Seekers want to seek and research everything in Galaxy.  They will guard their technologies frantically, but also give them to their allies."

Seekers are not friendly at first sight, but have +20 Relation bonus instead of +30. That means that if you say that you are peaceful, they will become happy.

Seeker Unique Power Edit

The Seeker acquires the Protect at all costs unique ability. Protect at all costs can be used to automatically prevent any Ecodisaster or invasion within 10.00 parsecs around the UFO.  It does, however, slightly break Galactic Code (-10).  5 minutes Cooldown.

Seekers' Philosophy Edit

"What? Are you asking about our ways?

We are the followers of Philosophy of Knowledge! We will travel from the very core of galaxy to the farthest stars of the galactic arms, to find new secrets of the universe! Knowledge is the what distingushes us from the lowly beasts! So, we must find more and more - for this is the true meaning of Life (and not the 42!)

The top of our knowledge is the "Protect at all costs" supertechnology. If somebody tries to steal our mighty technologies, they become nothing but dust! Ha! You want access to our knowledge, don't you?


Seekers say with the mechanical voice, grox-like. It is however not as changeable, it is in one tone. Sometimes, they "fast forwards" their voice, and sometimes say their words "backward".

Galactic Adventures mission Edit

Seekers give you an adventure Relics of the Past, in it you must travel on the ice world to open the crypts of elder race who once lived here and find their knowledge.

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