The Sentos is a unique creature, which formed the root of the entire Sentinel subspecies. This creature evolved more or less 3 million years ago on planet Agraxia. This planet's space-faring race was scientific, and always open to experimentation, and thus they put all the creatures on their planet on different planets to monitor these creatures' evolution paths. They put this creature, the Sentos on several different planets, with different enviroments to see how it would react. They were surprised to see it's surprisingly good adaption to all the different enviroments, which will be explained in the further evolution paths.


The Sentos were born in a unique manner. Unlike most creatures, they didn't evolve naturally from the cell stage. Instead, they were created when the above mentioned scientists made an error in a nuclear research facility. The resulting explosion bonded organic molecules together, which resulted in the birth of a handicapped creature, the Sentos. This handicap was size-based, so, when placed in the different enviroments, none of the evolved species grew much over 3 feet with the exception of the Nexo-herbinel.

Evolution paths.Edit

When placed on the different enviroments, they eventually evolved into 7 differing species.

  • Aeronel. (A creature capable of extreme flight and speed, they evolved on a planet with strong predators, and little prey, so they had to be able to escape and capture. It is an omnivore. )
  • Amphibinel. (This carnivorous creature evolved gills and fin-like appendages as it was placed on a planet mostly filled with water.)
  • Nexo-Herbinel. (This creature was placed on a planet with weaker gravity, so it grew rather tall. Because of this it needed extra defence between its head and feet, thus it grew 6 arms, unlike the usual 2. It is also the only herbivore)
  • Nocturnel. (This creature was placed on a planet with harsh storms, so it evolved into a bat like creature by hiding in caves the whole time.)
  • Resonel. (This creature was placed on a planet with abundant energy sources, so it evolved to be a very powerful balanced out creature.)
  • Sentinel. (This creature was put on the most enviromentally friendly planet of the lot. It is thus the most common of the 7, but also the weakest. It makes up for this with its extreme intelligence.)
  • Tyronel. (This creature had the strongest prey, thus it is the strongest through brute force, but it is also the least intelligent

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