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Krilek Sol I Dor

Krilek (Fleet Commander), Marquis (Marine Multi-Task Force Commmander), Corvus (Multi-Squadron Commander), Psykeeper


Craft Commanded:

Service to:

Delson Empire

Sol I Dor is a Delson Fleet Commander and the Commanding Officer of the Delson Battleship Kalzira. He is blind, but makes up for it in powerful Psychic abilities, amplified by his Psionic-Make Head-Dress.


The Kalzira, Sol I Dor's Flaghsip


Sol I Dor usually takes the time to observe the battle, mainly because he has to scan it psychically to be able to know what's happening. However, once he has his bearings, he's fast to respond. His mind-reading abilities make him an excellent negotiator, and, partially because of this, as well as the wake of the Delson War with the Grox, he's usually cautious about jumping blindly into a war. One thing that really bothers him is when he's berated because of his blindness, and, because of this, he sometimes pushes himself to prove he's smarter, faster, and better than other warriors.


Sol I Dor is a Delson Psychic, and, therefore, has very potent Psychic Abilities. He mostly uses them for sensory, as he is mostly blind, but, when pressed into battle. he'll use his psychic capabilities to either telekinetically fling objects at enemies, produce rams made purely of psychic energy, or even twist an opponent's mind and make them, temporarilly at least, an ally.

Name OriginEdit

In Delseo, Sol I Dor's name means 'Mist Walker'.


  • Sol I Dor's name comes from the Solidor familyline who ruled the Archadian Empire in Final Fantasy XII. One of the non-playable protagonists, Larsa Solidor, and his brother, the antagonist, Vayne, are both from the Solidor Family.

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