The average Spencerite

Behavior Edit

The Spencerites are a greedy empire who care for nothing that but the well being of their species. They have a huge arsenal of weapons at their disposal, including the Planet buster which they only use in extreme situation because of the fear it causes throughout the galaxy.

War techniquesEdit

If you are at war with the Spencerites, kiss your sorry butt goodby. The Spencerites are brutal and cunning in war, using both violent and nonviolent types of warfare including missles, nuke bombs and blackmail. If you are the leader of the Empire the Spencerites are at war with, prepare to have everything you love and hold dear to you, taken away from you, and finally your life if you do not surrender. And it will be a slow, painful death. You will be tortured alive and be forced to watch you loved ones die. They abduct you off of your home planet and make you watch as each indvidual city is forced to surrender, forcing the former residents into poverty and homelessness. But don't think bad of them, they don't like war. Sort of.

Relationship with Allies Edit

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