Spore Antenos Adventure is a series that made with spore Galactic Adventures.


Antenos-the chosen one, according to the prophecy, he can defeat Daraktabios, in episode 2 he became the king of his city.

Malia-was the princess of wyverns, but became queen after her parents had died by the daraknobs army, episode 2 she kidnapped and saved, in Chapter 3 she joins to the Galactic Union.

Antenos's father-Antnos's father and best friend of the previous king, in episode 1, he found Antenos's egg, and raised him, in chapter 2 he did a funeral to the previous king and crowned his son as king.

Daraktabios-evil daraknob, and the leader of the daraknobs army, he appears in a black hole, he has the option to attack, but he weak in this situation, he wanted to be free and reach to his full strength, in episide 2 he sent the pirates to kidnap Malia, in episode 3 he will use his weapon, the metal wing, to destroy Antenos's city.

Kranzer-The captain of the pirates, in episode 1 he sent by Daraktabios to steal eggs and because of him Antenos's egg survived, but he hides it from him, in Episode 2 he sent by Daraktabios again to kidnap Malia, probably has powers that he can used only in ark temples, in the end of episode 2 he states that he will kill Antenos to achieve his honor, often says to his assistant Stanley, "Shut up".

List of episodesEdit

1-The Chosen One-in this episode, Antenos reaches to adulthood and joins the Knights of the galaxy.

2-Save The Queen- in this episode antenos helps the wyverns to save their queen from the pirates.

3-The Metal Wing

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