The Staff of Death is the absolute worst weapon ever made by The Grox. It was said to be used by the Grox to destroy some of the Mrox's colonies placed in the Spore Galaxy, but this is rather unlikely, as shown by evidence of the same kind of anti-matter used in the Planet Buster found in those star systems.

Accessibility Edit

This tool can be accessed by earning the Dance With the Devil Badge and the Badge Outta Heck. To earn the Dance With the Devil Badge, you must ally with the Grox. To earn the Badge Outta Heck, you must destroy all of The Grox's colonies.

Ability Edit

The Staff of Death is a helpful tool for destroying all enemies on the planet. This does not destroy the Planet, though. The Staff of Death terraforms the planet to T0, killing all species on the planet. It also destroys all vehicles and buildings on the planet, and eliminates all spice geysers. Although this tool is very helpful when destroying your enemies, it is not helpful when wanting to negotiate with nearby empires. As this weapon breaks the Galactic Code, it changes your relationship with many empires:

Relationship Negative:

Wanderer: –100

Shaman: –100

Ecologist: –100

Scientist: –90

Bard: –80

Trader: –80

Zealot: –20

Knight: –20

Warrior: –10

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