Star Fleet

The Star Fleet arriving at Karnas

The Star Fleet
is the combined and total force of the entire KMF Navy. The Fleet is only assembled fully when a Total Recall Order is placed, and the only time this has occured was at the Battle for Karnas during the Second Galactic War.


The Star Fleet currently contains 31,530,323,111 starships. The ratios are as follows:

  • 15% Destroyers
  • 30% Starfighters
  • 30% Cruisers
  • 20% Carriers
  • 5% Dreadnaughts


The Star Fleet was officially founded when the Karnasaur Inter-Galactic Expedition first began production of its own, intra-galactic fleet in 2A 1966. Emperor Kres decided to identify it as a navy largely independent of the KMF for administrative ease, and decided to tie it into the larger KMF Navy by establishing the Star Fleet as the entirety of all starships under KMF jurisdiction. Since it's establishment in 2A 1966, the only time it has been summoned by a Total Recall Order was at the Battle for Karnas in 2A 5100. At the time, the Fleet only contained 7 billion capital ships, mainly due to Karnasaur losses before the Total Recall was issued. Still, the Fleet also was using the first full-fledged anti-matter weapons. Using these weapons, and shear number, the Fleet obliterated the Dragonslayer invasion fleet and proceeded to exterminate the Hunre and Heglareans in the Galactic Genocide.

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