There is a number of different types of Starship Categories, as well as Starship Military Spaceships. However, besides Military there are other types. The color of them on a radar and a description will also be noted.



An average radar image taken by a patrol ship.

Economic vessels (Different types of starships carrying spice, or trading, colored in Cyan)

Diplomatic vessels (Starships from foreign empires to discuss relations, colored in Green)

Military vessels (Weaponized starships used for battles and defense, colored in Red)

Industrial vessels (Starships designed to engineer and carry various objects, colored in Orange)

Travel vessels (Starships designed for quick travel between different systems, colored in Yellow)

Religious vessels (Starships designed for conversion, and/or religious duties, colored in Olive)

Mining vessels (Starships used to assist or directly do mining operations, colored in Brown)

Science vessels (Starships only for scientific testing or other science-related, colored in Blue)

Scouting vessels (Exploration starships mapping and exploring the system, colored in Purple)

Satellites (Artificial satellites orbiting a planet or moon for various reasons, colored in Grey)

Meteor Showers, Asteroids, Comets (Natural Phenomena, colored in White)

Unscanned vessels (Unknown starships that may be of any type, colored in Pink)

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