There are a lot of military starship classes across the galaxy. However one of the most common ones are Cruisers, Frigates, Destroyers, and Battlecruisers. They will all be listed here, so they can be used as references when writing fanon.


  • Fighters (Lightweight, gun-equipped very small spacecraft, usually very fast)
  • Bombers (Lightweight, bomb-equipped spacecraft, can be up to a decameter or as small as a small fighter, not as fast as fighters)
  • Sweepers (Large bombers, not as fast and usually can have more accessories such as defensive turrets)
  • Ion fighters (Large fighters, not as fast, but have heavy defense and are very stronger in dogfights)
  • Gunships (Large fighterbombers capable of dealing great damage and carrying troops for boardings)
  • Attack craft (Small craft, usually about or less than than a hectometer long, have good offense and are fast but not very strong defense)
  • Corvettes (Small craft, great as offense and defense yet not as fast and do not have a large cargo)
  • Gunboats (Middleground between Corvette and Frigate; provides substantial fire support and plays a key role in battles.)
  • Frigates (Midweight, average defense, offense and speed, often used to help defend colonies)
  • Cruisers (Midweight, nice speed and average offense and defense, but not so good at holding spacecraft and aircraft)
  • Destroyers (Midweight, very good offense and average defense and speed, small cargo)
  • Landing ships (Very fast and average defense, large cargo but poor offense, designed to drop of fighters/bombers or soldiers)
  • Battlecruisers (Large cruisers, with a larger offense in exchange for lower speed, large cargo)
  • Fighter-Carriers (Designed to carry smaller craft, good speed and defense, poor offense, very large cargo)
  • Battleships (All out Offense, moderate defense and low speed, large cargo)
  • Dreadnoughts (Larger Battleships, more defense as well)
  • Supercarriers (Larger Fighter-Carriers, more defense as well)


  • Monitors (Midweight, average defense, offense and speed, very good at siege, large cargo)
  • Armornoughts (Dreadnoughts with defense in exchange for offense, a hardy to destroy, can defend low-defense ships)
  • Imperial Battleships (Very Large Battleships, slower, but even better offense)
  • Motherships (Large Battleships, but faster in exchange for less offense)
  • Super Motherships (Large Mothership)
  • Heavy Destroyers (Large Destroyer)
  • Heavy Cruisers (Large Cruiser)
  • Fighter-Bomber (Small, fast craft eqipped with guns and bombs)
  • Hyperdreadnought (Immensely huge beasts of destruction with crews numbering in the millions; the Eteno are known for their conservative use of these ships.)

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