The T-46 Super Mothership was a vessel of huge proptions, used as a troop transport, space station, or Flag Ship.


Proffesser Kopr Nub of the Covern Empire, designed it, when asked to make a new Flag Ship for the Empire.


2 Miles long from Bow to Stern

3 Mega Pulse Engines

1000 Small Point Defense Turrets

1 Over-sized Mega Laser Cannon

16 Medium Turrets

50 Ion Turrets

5 Proton Missile Launcher Sites


1500 Crewman plus 15000 Soldiers


1500 Crewman Plus 16000 Passengers


6000 Fighters

1000 Bombers

70 Cruisers

30 Destroyers

3 Battlecruisers

Known ShipsEdit

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