Churszath - Apprentice Tarkith Alagor is a peacekeeper of the Dhragolon military order, KWD. Like may other Churszath, he is specialized in ground combat and especially skilled with the sword. Although he is not nearly as skilled as King Rustiagon Karrel, he is among the best of Apprentices.

Early LifeEdit

Alagor was born in 7,542 Py0 to the Tarkith family. He became a strict Renyanist just like his parents believing that there is only one Chosen race. During his time in the Peacekeeper Institute of Yallvus, he became an excellent swordsman and studied military history after graduating. Shortly after, he would join the 11th Churszath Division under command of Grandmaster Zerif.

Military CareerEdit

Throughout most of his military career, he worked under the command of Grandmaster Zerif, an elite Churszath unit known for it devastating "Knight Fall" tactic where the whole unit drops from the sky directly onto enemy territory ambushing them.

One of the most major battles he has participated in was the Battle of Vassis during the Aldaris Incident, which began when the abandoned planet Aldaris 29 was accidentally destroyed by the hands of the Eteno resulting in an all-out war between the two races. He was severely wounded from the swipe of an metal behemoth which paralyzed him. His bone structure had become unstable and as a result, most of his body was replaced with prosthetics. His face had also become disfigured, and he wears a Dhragolon war helmet wherever he goes.

Despite this, he adamantly declared that he must finish his career being the strong Renyanist he was. He shows tension towards the Eteno as they were the one that caused his injuries, but realizes that they have been purified since they accidentally destroyed Aldaris 29. However, he believes that the Eteno are destined to become extinct due to their actions against the Dhragolon.

Later, he ends up meeting an Eteno named Jonathan Tokugawa following the events of The Siege.

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