Technosilis is a massive spherical artificial construct being 7,000 miles in diameter which makes it big enough to be classified as a planet. It was built by the Omni, an ancient spacefaring race that was said to have been wiped out by the Grox millions of years ago. It was believed to be a new homeworld for the Omni after theirs was destroyed. The planet orbits the yellow main sequence star Nimbus at a distance of 1AU.


Technosilis is made entirely of an alloy of steel, diamond and Dragonrock making it a floating gem. The outer hull is covered in skyscrapers that stand over 3 miles high, and entangling them are bridges and roads. The bases of the skyscrapers are very dark blocked from sunlight. At the planet's core is a ball of plasma which serves as the planet's heat source second to its star. Many elements are formed in the core to make a nearly infinite amount of resources. The planet itself is also sentient, as their is a hyper-advanced supercomputer that maintains the station and its atmosphere. It can also move the planet around in the case that Nimbus supernovas. This computer is said to communicate with the inhabitants through the mind.

Modern InhabitantsEdit

Technosilis is not in control of one specific empire, but it is a major trading station of spice. Aliens from all over the galaxy meet here to interact with each other. However, a fanatic group called the "True Katrakhans" made up of the namesake race has taken control of the lowest level of the station near the core. This fanatic group wishes to take over the whole station and make it the new Katrakhan homeworld. This would allow them to take control of trade routes and once again become an massive empire. Many Katrakhan not part of the group, however, are indifferent, and wish to go about their rogue activities believing that a life of anarchy is much better.

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