The Battle of Lygena-2 was actually a small war fought between the Dylise Empire, a small yet powerful Empire bent on conquest, and the Pholan Empire, consisting of only planet Lygena-2 and with very little weaponry. The Dylise found the Pholan an easy target, and were especially interested in Lygena-2's plentiful resources. They sent in a small fleet to capture the planet, catching the Pholan by surprise. The fleet was barely driven away, but not before destroying most of the spice mines and several ships. Anticipating another attack, the Pholan prepared as best they could, fitting their exploration ships with their best weapons. They set up an outpost on the single moon, Maroti, and waited for the return of the Dylise. When they did return, however, they had realized that they had underestimated the Pholan, and came with better weaponry and stronger ships. Having prepared for this, the Pholan forces, led in two seprate fleets by Commanders Jophes and Panian, charged into battle without fear. Had it not been for the leaders on the other side, Commanders Cruian and Davven (the best Commander in the Dylise Fleet), they may have even won. The outpost was destroyed, but the Dylise forces took heavy losses, even worse than the Pholan. What remained of their fleet retreated, preparing to fight a much larger war.

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