The Darike Edit

"The Darike Are the first evelution in the spike family. They stab everything with their head."

The story of the Darike Edit

The Darike species have evoled from bacteria, From the cells final form, Flaggellgod. All of them have 3 goals. Follow a rouge/epic in their ways, Get raised by one, And evolve into a Darife. If you catch one walking about the fields, it will follow you, And love you. They make Obedient pets. They are ommnivores. They collided with platinum in their Flaggellgod form, Which means we must use PlatinumSpore to use him. His attack is wrapping creatures with his tail and suffocating them. They are only 1 female for every 50 Darikes. He is 4 Foot tall, He has four legs, His tail is 9 inch long, and he is overall 14 inch long. In play fights they slap their tales at eachother.

Downloadable image: (Use platinum spore:)

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