The Dylise Empire is a military empire, capturing whatever planets they can, regardless of use. Despite first impressions, however, they are quite strategic, and this rather random system of capture is merely a method of territory expansion. The planet Lygena-2 caught their eye particularly due to its vast resources.

Unlike most other empires, the Dylise actually use the ships they capture for everyday transport and supply missions, and use their own ships only when engaging in combat. Due to their advnced stealth drives, no one is exactly sure what their ships look like, but a few rare witnesses describe them as almost serpentine, for however long the ship is visible when it must fire its weapons. The only living witnesses are the survivors of the Battle of Lygena-2, such as Commanders Jophes, who bravely led the Pholan fleet into battle.

Much like their ships, the Dylise themselves are incredibly elusive, and nobody is entirely sure what they look like. The few who have ever barely seen one can only determine that they are green.

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