The Egimachinia eraEdit

The Egimachinia era is a series of a war that was declared to see who will rule all.

Organics vs. MachinesEdit

This war was between the Organics and the Machines.These sides had 2 armies.They are listed below.

The Organics:

The Galactic police force-They consist of many different species who try to keep peace in the universe.

The Bobox-A species of 2 artilficaly bred alien races,the Grox and the Bob.They might be part machine,but they hate to see 2 different beings fight.

The Machines

The Grox-The vast terror of the galaxy.When 43 different species got 1 of the 43 staves of life,they made a resistance against the Grox and took down nearly 1/3 of their starsystems.The Grox then declared war on the universe.

The War makers-A race of highly destructive and dangerous robots who were created by the Grox to help them destroy the universe.They seem to understand all of the Organics

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