The Excalibas are well known throughout the universe for their chivelry, honesty and modesty. These gentle knights have long been the silent protectors of the galaxy, appearing mainly in legend and seldom drawing attention to themselves. However, their mysterious actions have saved many star systems from destruction.

History Edit

Genesis Edit

Across the galaxy a shockwave tore. For an instant the Grox were stunned by the immense static energy. From the centre of the blast a shining red capsule was propelled towards a distant sun. As it travelled the metal slowly melted and fell away, leaving only a "meteor". This fell upon a deserted planet, into the waters of a lonely red lake.

Although the circumstances surrounding the initial wave are lost to the depths of time, it's repercussions are still felt today. From the "meteor" an awful shriek boomed as the central capsule opened; allowing the essences of life to be released.

These chemicals triggered the pool to bubble and smoke, setting off a reaction planned for centuries by the planet's former inhabitants. The pool, later known as Lake Katrina, lay undisturbed for many years, until finally it's creator returned to finish his plan. With his dying breaths, he threw a weapon and a crown into the broth before falling in, dead; overflowing the pool and sending it's contents towards the sea...

The cycle of life was reset on that day. The whole system went to chaos, until it's planned rulers formed into cells.

The dawn of a new power was about to be...once they found their feet.

Evolution of a Champion Edit

The Dawn of Civilisation Edit

To the Sky; Early Adventures in Space Edit

To the Sky; Destiny Edit

Recent Events Edit

The Knights of the Golden Halo Edit

 Relationships with other Races Edit

Legends of the Excalibas Edit

The Genesis Prophecy Edit

"This may (ZZZZZZ) last of the (ZZZZZ) but one day my chil-(ZZ)-en will (Z)-ise up and de-(ZZZ)-y you, blasted cy-(ZZ)-rgs!"

[Transcript of audio message found at Lake Katrina during Excavations into planet's ancient History.]

[Tape is ancient and badly damaged, but is undeniable evidence of an ancient civilization formally occupying this, our glorious Homeworld.]

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